Lola Fae smothers boyfriend with big booty

Ass Devotion is serving up a truly delectable Lola Fae video where she smothers her boyfriend’s face with that big round booty in lacy lingerie! We knew that you would want to know about anything new featuring this fiery redhead, so we’re featuring this on our blog to satisfy your hungry porno appetite. The stunning redhead firecracker tells him that he’s such a bad boy with such a pretty face, and that she knows just how she’ll punish him today! She says instead of being all sweet and close, she’s gonna get plenty close, but not so sweet! Oh, we know you can’t wait to see it!

Lola Fae sits on her boyfriend’s face while you watch

Not only does she lean over him with her super hot tattooed body, berating him for being such a bad boy, but she also leans in toward you, “her little cuck,” telling you to pay close attention because this is what happens when you’re a bad boy! Bad boys must be punished, but is face sitting really punishment or just pure pleasure? Tough call!

She says the only thing he needs, instead of air, is her ass in his face. She poetically describes suffocating him with her ass, rubbing her pussy in his face, and keeping him from breathing. “This is what happens when you defy me,” she says, “I just control your oxygen supply with my ass.”

Lola Fae smirks, knowing the effect she has on you. She revels in your jealousy as she dominates her man, unleashing her scintillating ass punishment with a sadistic glee. Every gasp for air from him sends shivers of pleasure down her spine, and she knows you’re watching, wishing it was you beneath her. She takes pleasure in playing with your desires like a puppet, controlling your every thought and driving you wild with envy for her submissive lover.

He’s a real champ too, taking it without complaint, without response. And if you ever want the lucky spot underneath her, do you have to be a good boy or a bad boy to earn that? “Who knows?” she says with a laugh! She revels in your confusion, in creating a hazy mist around your concept of what she truly wants from you. Keeping you on your toes seems just as important as keeping you beneath her booty.

But Lola’s primary concern is doling out her punishment to her boyfriend, making him breathe in the scent of her pussy while she sits on his face repeatedly with those juicy round ass cheeks. And you, her slave-in-training, can only watch and wait and hope to be in that position one day…

“Just take a look at my perfect ass,” she says, tantalizing you even further, and threatening him with the threat of future punishment.

The decision is yours: will you be a good boy or a bad boy for Lola Fae? Imagine the intoxicating weight of her irresistible ass cheeks on your face, smothering you into submission.

Let the idea of Lola Fae’s face-sitting punishment consume your thoughts as you feast upon all the delectable ass content at Ass Devotion. It’s a torment worth enduring, for the chance to serve such a divine queen.

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