Kaiia Eve’s oily booty tease

Kaiia Eve was well aware of your ass fetish and your oil fetish too, and she reveled in it. She loved nothing more than to have you at her mercy, instructing you on precisely how to jerk that hard cock of yours while you watched her oil up that enticing booty.

The tattooed wavy-haired blonde had smooth skin adorned with intricate tattoos, each one adding to her allure. And when she wore that teeny bikini, barely covering her curves and leaving her tattoos on full display, it was impossible to resist her.

“What do you think about my ass?” Kaiia asked, shifting to give you a better view.

Your mouth went dry and your heart raced as you took in the sight before you. That big, juicy ass was like a magnet, drawing you in and making your cock twitch with need.

Kaiia let out a soft laugh, enjoying the effect she had on you. “I know exactly what it does to you. And I love it,” she purred, leaning closer to you.

“Are you ready for some fun?” she asked, her voice low and sultry.

You nodded eagerly, already reaching down to adjust yourself in anticipation.

“Okay then,” Kaiia said with a wicked grin. “Let’s start with some oily ass jerk off instructions.”

You couldn’t believe your luck. As she began to guide you through the motions of jerking yourself off while watching her, all other thoughts faded away. All that mattered was that curvy ass and the hot woman it was attached to. You were completely at her mercy.

But just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Kaiia had another surprise in store for you. “You wanna know what would make my ass look even fucking better? If I covered it all in oil…”

As if on cue, she reached for a bottle of scented oil and poured it over her hands. Then she rubbed them together before placing them on her luscious behind and spreading the liquid all over it. The sight was enough to make your jaw drop and your cock throb with desire.

“Now keep jerking off for me,” she commanded, her voice filled with authority and arousal.

You followed her orders without hesitation, lost in the sensation of watching her massage oil into every inch of her perfect ass. And as she continued to tease and taunt you, your pleasure built up to a point of no return.

With one final jerk, you came undone, groaning in ecstasy as you spilled your jizz for Kaiia to see. But she wasn’t done with you yet. Oh no, there was still so much more excitement to be had at Oiled Tease.

But that was just the beginning of your wild night on Oiled Tease. From sensual massages and slippery showers to steamy rubdown sessions and more teasing than you could handle, Kaiia Eve and her pornstar friends took you on an unforgettable journey into the world of oiled teasing.

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